Office of Government Relations

November 12, 2015

9th Annual Legislative Reception



Since 2008, tuition at the University of Washington has increased by over 75%, largely due to a 35% decrease in state funding per student between 2007 and 2012, according to a State Higher Education Executive Officer report. These impacts have significantly affected the student experience, requiring students to take out more loans or juggle several jobs to cover the cost of education.

Student advocacy efforts in Olympia spearheaded by the ASUW Office of Government Relations in the spring of 2015 led to a two-year tuition reduction for resident tuition when legislators agreed to increase state funding for the University. Advocacy by students such as this is the cause for making change in Olympia. Now, let Olympia come to you and share your stories about how vital the Husky Experience is to you.

It is now time again to tell our legislators to fund our education. Budget cuts to the University will affect every student, and we want to ensure that every student voice is heard at the table in Olympia this session. Join the ASUW Office of Government Relations for our 9th Annual Legislative Reception this Monday, November 16th at 5:00 PM in HUB South Ballroom. During this event, students will sit down with legislators over dinner to discuss the importance of higher education funding. All are invited, and dinner will be provided. RSVP at to BARK Against Budget Cuts.