Office of Government Relations

About Us

Learn more about the hard-working employees in our office that engage students on campus in civic issues and amplify student voices at the local, state, and national levels.

All ASUW student employees are paid by student dollars to serve students. We are quite literally here just for you! So, please always feel comfortable reaching out to us via the contact information listed under each team-member’s name, or by finding a time to connect virtually through our office hours. The ASUW Office Hours page shows each employee’s work schedule for that week, with ‘available’ times in green, scheduled ‘meetings’ in blue, and ‘unavailable’ hours (typically classes) in red. Check it out by clicking this link!  

Meet the Team

Director of Legislative Affairs Phoebe Walker

she/her/hers pronouns

3rd-year studying Political Science and Economics 💵

The Director of Legislative Affairs is the ASUW’s main lobbyist in Olympia. Phoebe serves as the Chair of the Legislative Steering Committee, researches legislative issues of student interest, and communicates her work to the ASUW Board of Directors. She will also be spending Winter Quarter in Olympia to advocate for policies relevant to the Annual ASUW Legislative Agenda.

Do you want to know what bills are coming up that could impact you as a student? Do you need help finding the right person to bring an issue to? Are you interested in the policy agenda?

Get ahold of your favorite student lobbyist by reaching out to or checking Phoebe’s hours page for a time to meet (virtually, of course).


Assistant Director Rhiannon Raseretnam

she/her/hers pronouns

3rd-year studying International Relations 🌎

The Assistant Director oversees the Office of Government Relations staff, strategic planning, and budget; serves as the Vice Chair of the Legislative Steering Committee; and coordinates research on legislative issues of interest to students.

Fun fact! Rhiannon’s favorite boardgame is Pandemic (which is unfortunately accurate in all senses of the word).

Do you want OGR to co-sponsor an event? Are you looking to RSVP to a future program? Do you need help connecting to a specific legislator/administrator?

You can reach Rhiannon by emailing or connecting during her available office time, found on her hours page

       Community Organizer Sarah Jacob

she/her/hers pronouns

International Studies: Foreign Policy track 🗺️

The Organizing Coordinator is in charge of the ASUW’s voter registration and Get Out the Vote Efforts. Sarah builds coalition for the work of OGR by connecting to both on-campus and off-campus entities, like working with RSOs, local activism organizations, and other student groups. She meets frequently with local communities stakeholders too! Iconic.

Fun fact! Sarah’s favorite board-game is Classic Monopoly.

Are you an RSO officer looking to collaborate? Do you work with an advocacy entity and have a cool event coming up? Do you need help registering to vote, or do you want to register others to vote?

Write to Sarah at or find a time to ~Zoom~ by looking at her hours page


Outreach Coordinator Kiran Singh

she/her/hers pronouns

Senior majoring in Political Science: International Security 🗳️

That’s me! As the overdramatic voice of our public-facing platforms, I manage our online presence (like this website) and help our office promote events and programs by marketing to all pockets of student life at the University of Washington. I also serve as the point of contact for our volunteer program; I host weekly volunteer meetings, offer mentorship, and connect volunteers to tasks for ongoing office projects.

Is the website link broken? Is a form not working? Are you interested in subscribing to our newsletter? Are you in love with this office and want to become a volunteer? Are you an RSO or local entity seeking to promote an event/resource? Don’t know who to ask and you just need help?

Send your worries via email at or find a time to call/Zoom with me via this hours page