Office of Government Relations

About Us

Learn more about the hard-working employees in our office that move to engage students on campus in civic issues and make sure that the student voice is heard at the city, state, and federal levels. Reach out to them by either emailing or swinging by HUB 121H! 

General Manager: Crystal Chindavongsa
Year: Senior
Majors: English and Philosophy

Favorite Part of Political Advocacy: Ensuring the power of the student voice remains at the forefront of the both the state legislative and local lawmaking process.
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Director of Legislative Affairs: Ernie Tao
Year: Senior
Majors: Biochemistry and Political Science

Favorite Part of Political Advocacy: I love demonstrating to people that political participation is effective, assessable, and impactful. 
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Local Legislative Liaison: Leah Haberman
Year: Senior
Major: Law, Societies and Justice 

Favorite Part of Political Advocacy: Providing opportunities and community to turn passion into action, so no one ever feels like social justice and political change are too big a problem for them to do something about it.
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Legislative Programming Coordinator: Kalani Tissot
Year: Senior
Major: Political Science

Favorite Part of Political Advocacy: I am excited to work in OGR because I am passionate about promoting student involvement in all levels of government. When students come together and advocate for a more accessible and equitable higher ed system, we are creating lasting change that will benefit future generations.
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Organizing Coordinator: Maya Sullivan
Year: Junior
Majors: Economics and International Studies

Favorite Part of Political Advocacy: Helping students empower themselves and learn the tools for how to carry their own voices as they move from university to beyond is exciting, and gives me hope about what our generation will achieve! 
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Policy Intern: Brooke Summerlin
Year: Second
Year Graduate Student
Major: Higher Education – Leadership and Policy

Favorite Part of Political Advocacy: Working together with my fellow students to achieve shared goals through collaboration and hard work. Learning from the experiences of others to better shape my own views and better my knowledge on current issues.


Marketing Intern: Sophie Edson
Year: Freshman
Major: Business Administration (Marketing, Finance)
Minor: Political Science

Favorite Part of Political Advocacy: Anyone who has a lot of passion and puts in a lot of hard work can advocate for positive political reform. Which I think is amazing!

Programming Intern: Tatum Dahl
Year: Sophomore
Majors: Law, Societies and Justice, Political Science

Favorite Part of Political Advocacy: I value being up to date on current events and understanding the way my community operates around me!

Specialized Lead – JCC: Maekara Keopanapay
Year: Freshman
Major: Political Science (International Security)

Favorite Part of Political Advocacy: Politics are all about the people, and it’s exciting to bring together students from all different backgrounds to collaborate with one another and ensure that dialogue is turned into actions!


Specialized Lead – Senate: Manjeet Kaur
Year: Freshman
Major: Law, Societies and Justice

Minor: Human Rights 

Favorite Part of Political Advocacy: Empowering students to be catalysts for social change and progress by using our voices as a force for justice at the university, state, and even international level.

Specialized Lead – Senate: Nicola Kalderash
Year: Junior
Majors: Informatics and International Studies 

Favorite Part of Political Advocacy: The future of our country belongs to the this/next generation, and I love inspiring them to how easy being involved in the political process can truly be and how strong your voice can be heard if wielded the right way!