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Learn more about the five hard-working employees in our office that work to engage students on campus in civic issues and make sure that the student voice is heard at the city, state, and federal levels.

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Director: Alex Wirth
Year: Junior
Major: International Studies
Minor: Law, Societies, & Justice

Favorite Part of Political Advocacy: I really enjoy seeing the impact that we can have as a student body. I like to put on events because it’s a way that we can create a tangible voice and image for our passion and drive towards change.
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Assistant Director: Tyler Pichette
Year: Junior
Majors: Political Economy
Minor: Entrepreneurship

Favorite Part of Political Advocacy: I think it is valuable for students but also for public officials to hear a wide variety of voices.
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Legislative Programming Coordinator: Kate Graham
Year: Junior
Major: Communications and Law, Societies, & Justice

Favorite Part of Political Advocacy: Students have always been at the forefront of social change. I love being part of entity that works to provide opportunities for students to continue raise their voice and push for changes on our campus, in our state, and around the world.
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Organizing Coordinator: Evan Ulman
Year: Freshman
Majors: Political Science  

Favorite Part of Political Advocacy: Empowering the voices of individuals that are usually underrepresented in the political sphere. Registered to vote? If not visit
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Policy Analyst: Allegra Kahn
Year: Sophomore
Majors: International Studies

Favorite Part of Political Advocacy: Discussions and debating with people to create new and effective ideas.
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